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Two Letter Words

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


Funny how important
Small words can be
Two letters are enough
To explain so much!

To be
Not to be
Just to be
We should be
Just “be”

Just is
It is just
All that is
Nothing else is
Just “is”

Now we can be
Or we can do
But if we do
It’s hard to be
And that’s how
It is.

Wild visitors, a day of sweetness

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Last Thursday My granddaughter, Abby, was staying with us.¬† I looked out the window and saw a yellow swallowtail butterfly on my lilac bush. Since yellow swallowtails are very special to me (I’ll write about that here someday) and one of my passions is photography I got my camera and went out to see if she would pose for me. swallowtaillovelyShe was beautiful and allowed me to take many pictures of her.

swallowtailniceThere were many dragonflies around us I hoped one of them would allow me to take it’s picture also.

Abby was watching from the window and Grandpa decided to let her come out and ‘help’ me. abby-walkingI showed her the butterfly and I didn’t even notice when I snapped this shot that a dragonfly had joined the butterfly for a brief moment.swallowdragon1A beefly came by to visit for a moment.hoverflyAnd then a dragonfly came to say hello.hello-dragonI talked with the dragonfly, Abby did too, it was at about her height in the lilac bush. It posed for a very long while.greetings-dragon1It smiled:smiling-dragonAnd it laughed:laughing-dragon-2It seemed to be holding it’s two front feet together as if meditating! After a bit Abby went back to be with Grandpa and the dragonfly flew off and moved to another perch. I decided to see if it would allow me to interact with it more.beginning-to-hold-dragonI opened my heart and sent love as I shared energy with this lovely little creature.beautiful-dragon-handholding-dragon-2holding-dragon-closerIn the end I kissed it’s little wings to thank it for the gifts it had given me. I couldn’t take that picture since I couldn’t hold the camera and do that! And in a bit he flew off to other adventures.

One other visitor came later in the backyard. I was trying to take a picture of another species of dragonfly in flight, but that was not to be. However, this little golden fellow came to let me take it’s picture.golden-dragon-2Dragonflies¬† and yellow swallowtails are special to me and have always brought me special gifts that make life more joyful and delightful and open my heart to the beauty and perfection of this earth. I’m so grateful for their presence.

Meanwhile Abby was in the backyard on the trampoline practicing some flying lessons of her own! She too makes my heart smile.small-jumpI hope this little story brings a smile to your face and makes your day a bit brighter!