A day on the river and a blockage!

Last weekend we went to one of my favorite places. Rich and I regularly go kayaking on the St. Croix river. We get on the river at Sunrise Landing and then kayak all day down to the Wild River State Park. It’s pretty much an all day trip since we stop on islands and travel little streams if they are open.

We were at the mouth of an adjoining river when we grounded our kayaks and had to walk. The river is low because it’s been dry this summer so far. The adjoining river was pouring cold water into the St. Croix. Since the water is low there was a backflow of water so new sand was quickly being accumulating in the waters new path.

The first time I sank into the ‘quicksand’ I went down to my calf and quickly got out and continued walking. The second time I sank to my upper thigh. You see, the water lays down the sand so quickly that it isn’t packed so the water and sand are in sort of a suspension. What appears to be solid sand is like a slurry of sand and water and is not solid at all. It’s always a surprise!

I couldn’t get myself out right away since I couldn’t push very easily on the surrounding sand. I needed Rich to hold my kayak and I had to wait until he carefully walked near me, without sinking too much. When I tried to get out I found that the sand had a solid hold on my leg. I pulled and pulled and it took quite a lot to get it out. I realized that the longer I stayed in position the harder the sand packed around my leg.

This reminded me of energy blockages. The energy gets out of balance and is much like the sand and water slurry, you may suddenly sink and get stuck. The longer you stay stuck, the stronger the blockage becomes packed around you and the more effort it may take to pull yourself out of it. If you can get up and out right away it’s pretty easy to just move on. Of course, you can always break up the blockage but it’s easiest not to stay stuck too long!

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