Three years ago we had a bad storm in late summer. That storm crushed our entire garden. There was virtually nothing left. The melons, peppers, cucumbers, were gone, smashed. The Tomatoes had a few lingering fruits on the vine but were for the most part decimated. We had never lost all of our winter squash before but they were gone, broken open and not fit to eat.

I felt bad but understood that it was what it was. It was a hard year for the garden. We went on our first vacation since our honeymoon and while we were gone it was hot and dry. We came back and the garden was still alive but many of the crops were stunted and misshapen from the drought. The storm I speak of that year was the end of that drought. I had no choice but to simply accept that this was the way it was supposed to be and thank God that our home and animals were safe and sound.

I went to work the next day and my husband called me and said something strange was up. He was fixing the fence, since some trees had messed it up from the storm. He said there was a wild turkey out there and it didn’t seem to be afraid of him, it just stood around. Now, we have a lot of wild turkeys and I thought this was strange indeed since they seem to be pretty shy. When I got home I went out to see this ‘turkey’ and I gasped! It was a peahen, for those of you who don’t know, it’s a female peacock. No one around us had peacocks?!? We’d surely hear them as they are very loud. Where did it come from? I just kept having the word Phoenix come into my mind and I knew that the Phoenix was based on a peacock. I looked it up to see if I was right and yes, in fact the female peahen is thought to be the protective form of the Phoenix.

Phoenix has lived with us ever since. Every year she has gone off to ‘hatch’ some eggs. Of course, there is no male so no babies but she disappears for a while. She usually does this in mid-summer. The first time I thought the fox had taken her, but she came back in a few weeks.

This year she laid her eggs all over the place and didn’t hide. So when she left several weeks ago I again thought, well, perhaps she has moved on in this circle of life to go do something else. After all, she has never been ‘ours’, (of course what animal who takes up residence with us is ever ‘ours’?) There hasn’t been a peep out of her. Usually when she is sitting she eventually comes out with loud calls letting us know that she is still around.

So, I figured she might be gone even though somewhere in me I felt she was still around here. I accepted whatever was to be and said a little prayer, yesterday, that if she is still with us, could I please know in some way.

Today, when Rich did his morning chores I walked out there and there she was. She was getting something to eat, very quickly, so she could return to her nest very soon. She did not make a sound but rushed to and fro filling her crop.

I smiled to know my little friend is still choosing to live with us.

It’s nice to know that when we ask, it is given. We just need to remember to ask.

Blessings!phoenix II

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