Happy New Year

I’ve been told by a wonderful Chinese man I know that it is good to go outside at midnight on New Years Eve and see what you can see. Of course his New Year is different than ours in the US but I do live here and I’m not Chinese!

I was taking care of my granddaughters that night so my son and his wife could have a night out. They were settled down and just at midnight, after giving Rich a kiss for the new year, I dressed myself warmly and went out for a moonwalk.

It was a beautiful night. We had a full moon and a blue moon at that and I heard there was about to be an eclipse of the moon in the very early AM. It was cold, very cold! I could hear the distant celebrations, fireworks (and a few not-so-distant ones too). The clouds parted so I could view the beautiful full moon which warmed my heart.

Suddenly the wild turkeys began to gobble and cluck from the trees. They seemed to be laughing and celebrating the coming of the new year! It echoed off the barns in the front and seemed to come from all over. I smiled and felt in my heart that this was going to be a very good year indeed!

I tried to walk to see the turkeys but they made no sound until I was back near the house again. As they resumed their joyous chorus I felt more than ever that the beautiful message of “prosperity” was certainly what I was receiving. Prosperity is about abundance in all the wonderful things life has to offer, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As I felt the feelings of what is to come in the new year my chimes on the maple in the back yard began singing softly the sweetest song imaginable as if it were being played by love itself.

Many blessings to all of you in the new year, may peace, joy, love and prosperity be in you and all around you, always.

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