Where attention goes, energy flows

When I was not well I focused on helping myself and others. This is how I did it. I researched medical articles. I watched TV that focused on sickness: hospital shows, doctor shows, documentaries on health, etc. I learned all I could about what was wrong with the world that could make us ill and I shared this information with others to help them avoid possible problems. I watched the news to make sure I knew what the latest threat was to my health and safety so I could be safe and not do something to make myself sicker. I learned all I could about my own symptoms and then read many articles to find out what the problem was so I could get well. I joined groups of people who were sick like me so I could talk to them and share stories on how sick we all were. I focused on my food, the air I breathed and the weather as possible sources of my illness. I got sicker and sicker and sicker until I nearly died.

I found qigong. I began to practice qigong and I felt better. I felt better inside, outside and in-between. I no longer wanted to watch the news. I didn’t feel good when I did, it made me feel scared and helpless inside. I had no more interest in TV shows regarding health or doctors or the health of the world. I began to focus on what was right in the world. I began to look for the beautiful things in my life to think about and to talk to others about. I no longer researched anything regarding health, food, safety, etc. because it seemed to all make my body not feel good. I’d had a taste of feeling good and I no longer wished to make my body afraid of the world. I went back to tell the people in the groups I had been in about my new-found health but they weren’t interested. They just wanted to talk about their symptoms and how bad the world is and how no one cares. I rejoiced in breathing the air, walking in the sun, enjoying the rain and even in the pain that my body had while it was regenerating. I got healthier, and healthier and happier and happier until I found complete joy!

I now focus on light and love and how beautiful the world is inside, outside and in-between. As I do this I find more love, joy and peace in myself, in others and in the world. How beautiful life is! Some people struggle. I send them love to help them to see that all the joy, peace and love that we need are within us. If we have no conflict inside there is no conflict outside. Life is great and gets better every day!

If you find less than this in your world maybe you should notice what you do. What types of books do you read? What kinds of movies or TV do you watch? What articles do you notice and give your attention to? What kinds of information are you excited to share with others? Is the information you focus on filled with love or fear? What do you wish for in your life? Is your attention focused in the direction of your wishes or is it focused on what you are afraid of?

We only need to look to ourselves to see what we are creating in our life and our bodies. If we focus on what we want rather than what we do not want our life can be changed in many ways we never imagined.

Blessings to you all!

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