Divine Wisdom

It has occurred to me that ascribing a “gender” to the Divine within us may lead us to choose or separate the two types of divine energy within each of us. Just the idea of feminine or masculine evokes emotions in many people. I think what we want is to merge and balance these energies.

When I started practicing qigong it was because I was ill. I had no thoughts of the types of energy within my being physically, mentally or spiritually. I healed my physical body and as I did my emotional body healed and my spiritual being showed itself to me. My connection to God or Source became understood in a wordless way that my mind could not have conceived of.

I can talk in the ways of many others but it doesn’t really explain what I came to know when I began to listen to my heart. I can use other people’s words, but words diminish what actually happened.

At some point in my healing process I began to “feel” that I was loved and cared for by a force that is much larger than anything on this earth. I began to ‘feel’ the energy of the Universe and with it was a consciousness that didn’t come from my brain. Messages came; simple, filled with unconditional love, few words but connected to a huge bubble of understanding that is wordless. This new quiet but powerful loving voice is the voice of my heart connection to the divine source of “all that is”.

Prior to this my primary “voice” was the voice of my left brain which was not always full of love and more often than not wanted me to do something or behave a certain way in order to “take care of myself”. It told me I was separate from all other beings and that I had to watch out for myself. Oh, I loved others but I didn’t really have a true concept of pure unconditional love. I thought I did but it was really always conditional because if someone or something didn’t behave in a way my mind wanted it to I was hurt and then needed to “protect” myself.

This new beautiful loving voice came quietly but clearly. It never had judgment or a need for action. It simply told me a truth. A truth that I actually felt with my entire being! But the left brain mind who had control before would say “what?” And then I’d calm that piece of me down and say, “of course!” And so I was introduced to another part of me that had not been heard this clearly for a long long time. I felt an instant oneness with this Voice, I now feel it is the voice of God. In truth the voice isn’t the important part so much as the “understanding” that is wordless that comes with it. The words are only for the other part of me that works with ideas and words and stories.

And so in my understanding there are two parts in each of us. Both are connected to the Universe and what we know as God. One is quiet, passive and requires nothing of us except to allow and receive love, joy and peace. It brings us to a state of oneness with every other being that exists and thus creates compassion. It can tell you things you’ve never learned in this lifetime, not in words but you will understand. This part allows us to fully be in the present moment or just “BE”, observe. It lets us know that all is as it should be and all is well. With this part of us there is no past or future there is only the present. This part I feel, is my heart connection.

The other part is the part that “does”, it is active. It’s important because without it we would be able to do nothing really, in this physical existence, except just be. It gives us confidence to act. When well balanced with the other receiving part of us, the doing part can help us take the information given by the heart connection and use it to help others, create and interact with everything. It helps us put words and actions to what we receive with the heart energy so that we can share our love in many ways with others.

If the passive and active parts are not in balance we are not in balance. We can’t find the unconditional joy, peace and love that are in each one of us and use it to live in the world and be a light to others and see the light in others. Like Yin and Yang these divine aspects of our self must be balanced in order to understand who we are and what we are. When we understand there is no limit to our love and what we can do with it.

Spring Forest Qigong has been my springboard to find out who I am and what I am. I understand I am light and love and filled with joy, peace and compassion. I may know a little about a lot of things but I have access to everything!
With this wisdom I am powerful.
With this understanding fear evaporates, it is not needed.
There is only light.
Darkness is only a shadow that when given illumination disappears, therefore it does not truly exist.

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