Rain one of our greatest blessings

July 16th, 2009

We had a beautiful rain on Tuesday. Sometimes we forget how wonderful rain is. Imagine! 8 tenths of an inch all over! Not like putting out a sprinkler and maybe getting close to an inch in a given area, rain covers everything! The lake nearby looks like it took a bath. It had been covered with weeds on the top, obscuring the fact that it is indeed water but now it looks like a liquid lake again. Today everything is vibrant green just because it rained.


The flowers are happy.


The garden is happy.

And I feel like I can take a deep breath and just enjoy this fresh air.

Two Letter Words

June 9th, 2009


Funny how important
Small words can be
Two letters are enough
To explain so much!

To be
Not to be
Just to be
We should be
Just “be”

Just is
It is just
All that is
Nothing else is
Just “is”

Now we can be
Or we can do
But if we do
It’s hard to be
And that’s how
It is.

Wild visitors, a day of sweetness

June 8th, 2009

Last Thursday My granddaughter, Abby, was staying with us.¬† I looked out the window and saw a yellow swallowtail butterfly on my lilac bush. Since yellow swallowtails are very special to me (I’ll write about that here someday) and one of my passions is photography I got my camera and went out to see if she would pose for me. swallowtaillovelyShe was beautiful and allowed me to take many pictures of her.

swallowtailniceThere were many dragonflies around us I hoped one of them would allow me to take it’s picture also.

Abby was watching from the window and Grandpa decided to let her come out and ‘help’ me. abby-walkingI showed her the butterfly and I didn’t even notice when I snapped this shot that a dragonfly had joined the butterfly for a brief moment.swallowdragon1A beefly came by to visit for a moment.hoverflyAnd then a dragonfly came to say hello.hello-dragonI talked with the dragonfly, Abby did too, it was at about her height in the lilac bush. It posed for a very long while.greetings-dragon1It smiled:smiling-dragonAnd it laughed:laughing-dragon-2It seemed to be holding it’s two front feet together as if meditating! After a bit Abby went back to be with Grandpa and the dragonfly flew off and moved to another perch. I decided to see if it would allow me to interact with it more.beginning-to-hold-dragonI opened my heart and sent love as I shared energy with this lovely little creature.beautiful-dragon-handholding-dragon-2holding-dragon-closerIn the end I kissed it’s little wings to thank it for the gifts it had given me. I couldn’t take that picture since I couldn’t hold the camera and do that! And in a bit he flew off to other adventures.

One other visitor came later in the backyard. I was trying to take a picture of another species of dragonfly in flight, but that was not to be. However, this little golden fellow came to let me take it’s picture.golden-dragon-2Dragonflies¬† and yellow swallowtails are special to me and have always brought me special gifts that make life more joyful and delightful and open my heart to the beauty and perfection of this earth. I’m so grateful for their presence.

Meanwhile Abby was in the backyard on the trampoline practicing some flying lessons of her own! She too makes my heart smile.small-jumpI hope this little story brings a smile to your face and makes your day a bit brighter!

Master Bunny returns to the wild

May 25th, 2009

dandyToday is the day I let “Dandy” go. I know his name was originally “Cuddles” but he just loves dandelions and I think he’s a boy so “Dandy” seemed to be a better name. He’s now in the local refuge in a part that I consider to be pretty safe. The rest is really up to him now.

My dog, Chico, noticed him when he was out in the outside cage today and scared him so Dandy hurt his nose a little bit on the wire. I decided it was time. By my guess, he is now 6 weeks old, old enough to be on his own. He had been frightened by one of my cats and now my dog so I guess that prepares him to be careful of other creatures which may come along. But I did not want to take the risk that he would hurt himself by being frightened while “trapped” in a cage.

He’s taught me a lot in his time with me. We aren’t supposed to get attached to “forms” if we can help it. But this little guy taught me that it’s a pretty tall order for a human being to not be “attached” to a sweet little bunny that comes into their life. I tried hard not to tame him too much, for his own sake. That was also a hard thing to do. So I loved him from a distance, fed him his beloved dandelions, grass and milk and watched him grow up from a nearly naked little blind bunny to a strong healthy young rabbit.

I know he needed to be released to the wild though. Many people suggested he could be my pet! What kind of a life would that be for a cottontail rabbit who is born to be wild? I couldn’t do that to the little guy because I know I’d be doing that just for me and not for him. I did say a little prayer to keep him safe and sent him a bubble of energy to protect him. A few tears escaped when he didn’t seem to want to leave. This is his destiny and his life-circle. I’m so happy he graced my life with his presence and wisdom and taught me many lessons I’m still figuring out!

The little healer

May 13th, 2009

abby09Today Abby was eating breakfast with us. She was having a “play-date” with her “papa”…her grandpa. She had a little red mark near her mouth, it was a bit chapped so I touched it and asked her “owies?” She said “no owies”

Then she looked at me and gently touched my cheek on my right side and said “nama owies?” and I was about to say no but then realized that she had seen that I had pain in that area of my face from my jaw. I smiled and said “can you help nama with the owies?” and she then brushed my cheek with her finger and said “owies all gone.”

She hasn’t taken any classes in healing. She is a true master healer as we all are before we grow up and forget who we are and what we can do. My jaw felt a lot better and I smiled and thanked her with all the love in my heart.

All we really need to do is remember who we are and what we can do to help ourselves and others. Master Jim Nance gave a talk this past weekend about becoming a “blank slate” like a child. He’s right! We just have to let our mind be as a child’s mind and allow the healing love to pass through us to heal ourselves and to help others.

What a beautiful little teacher I have been blessed with! My heart overflowith with love, joy, peace and gratitude for all that is.

Master bunny

May 4th, 2009

wild-bunny-twowild-bunny-threewild-bunnyAs I see it Cuddles must be about three weeks old. I think he was about 3 days old when I first found him so he should be three weeks old today or tomorrow. He’s doing well and eating grass and his delicious dandelion greens.¬† He still likes his bottle a couple times a day and he is eating all fresh foods so he will be able to survive when he is released.

He is a “master bunny” in that he has taught me a lot in this short time. It has been a joy to learn from him. We do need to remember that any being and indeed anything that comes our way is a blessing and has a lot to show us about ourselves and life in general. I feel truely blessed by this little being in my life!

Angel Bunnies

April 28th, 2009

bunnyangelgrassshrpreduced2-1Three of my little friends decided to become angel bunnies yesterday. The odds of them staying in their little bodies were not good but I was determined to try to help them stay if they wanted to. It was probably harder on me to just let go and know that it is OK. It’s hard for us to let any being go from their bodies and realize that it is really OK and what was meant to be.

I had a dream of one single bunny being released to the wild. When I had this dream I thought: ‘but there are three that are doing well!?!’ and I said to myself ‘it’s just a dream’.

Today I will fix a bigger enclosure for “Cuddles” as my daughter-in-law calls him. He’s ready to learn to drink and has nibbled a bit of grass. He still likes his milk, as well he should, he’s only about 2 weeks old!

I feel blessed to be given the chance, once again, to interact with baby rabbits and feel the energy that is uniquely theirs. It is truly a gift!

Bunnies of Light

April 23rd, 2009

img_2472img_2474Yes, one opened his eyes today. They’ll all still here and three are doing very well. This little one, named “Cuddles” by my daughter-in-law eats very well and was the first to open his eyes. I think he’s a boy. This picture was taken just before he demonstrated that he could “wee” all by himself!

They are teaching me great patience and helping me to think of time differently. I tell them they are “bunnies of light” and will bring great light into the nature reserve when they are bigger. One seems to be living on energy alone as she/he really doesn’t eat much at all and perhaps doesn’t really want to be a bunny?

Blessings to all you “people of light” reading this!

Lessons – New Arrivals

April 19th, 2009


A few days ago my husband decided to spread the manure which had accumulated from the goats over the winter on the garden. He likes to do this before the spring rains come so the garden is enriched before we plant.

In the pile was a nest of baby rabbits. He didn’t know what to do with them but did know that the manure pile was already too far gone to leave them in there, not to mention he had already lifted the nest without harming any of it’s inhabitants.

He told me about it and I went out to see them. 6 little ones a few days old, blind, nearly hairless, laying in a mass of fur and straw and a bit of manure. We dug a hole very close to where the nest was and I lined it with the fur, put the babies in there and covered them with straw. I hoped mama would find them in the evening. Rabbits only feed their young at night and in the early pre-dawn.

The next morning I noticed they hadn’t been fed. The nest was not disturbed and the babies were still very much alive but much skinnier. Later in the afternoon I checked again and felt the urge to pick one up. I picked it up and it screamed! A couple others screamed and I just “felt” that mama was close. I looked up and there she was at the back behind the fence watching. I figured she now knew her babies were alive and maybe she would come back for them in the evening.

I had my qigong practice group the next day and when I got home I decided to go check. I found only 4 babies left and felt hopeful that mama had taken two to a new nest. Unfortunately the 4 left still had not been fed and this puzzled me. I knew a predator hadn’t taken the two babies because they certainly would all be gone if that had happened and they were still neatly covered.

My son, his wife and my grandchildren came to visit. My son walked his daughter out to see the goats and when he came back he said there was fur in the back pasture but he didn’t know what kind of fur it was. I went back to check it out and sure enough it was rabbit fur. A fresh kill. The mystery of why only two babies were moved and the others not fed was solved.

But then, what to do? In my younger years I rescued many rabbits that had nests destroyed or parents killed. My success rate was pretty good. I had rescued many animals when I was young, of all types. But this is not a task that is taken on without some time and patience. My commitments these days are using a lot of time and when one is short on time patience sometimes isn’t as abundant either. But I felt I couldn’t just leave them there to die, it would be cold in the evening and into the next day and they needed food if they were to have any chance at all.

I thawed out some goat colostrum that I had from my years of goat raising and found a box to put them in where they would be safe from Gypsy, my very energetic cat. My daugher-in-law, Kris and I began to feed them. I dug out all my old supplies, some of which amazingly were still good. (Rubber nipples usually deteriorate!) Some small syringes from my bird feeding days seemed the best to start with.

By the time we were done they all had full tummies. I knew they had to be coaxed to urinate but they had none at the time, understandably so. So here they are. Maybe they will survive, maybe not. If I left them out in the cold without a mama they would surely not survive long. I just can’t leave without any chance so I just have to try.

In the meantime they are teaching me more about just how perfect mother nature is. How perfect every creature is in this world. How everything has a purpose and I accept that what will be will be. And perhaps the patience that is being brought out of me by these little ones is exactly what I need too! A moment to stop, be loving and quiet and patient is always a good thing!

Open your heart and it appears

April 10th, 2009

gullsThose of you who may know me know that I love to feed gulls. Shortly after I healed myself I was up at the north shore of Lake Superior and I fell in love with the gulls. They were always around me from the day I got there. I began to feed them a little bread and would wind up with a huge flock of them flying above my head, catching bread in mid-air. I loved it!

Today my husband and I took a walk near a local lake, Lake Fremont. The gulls have been coming up here in larger numbers over the last few years. I heard a gull nearby but didn’t see it right away. I looked over the water and there was a lone gull floating about 50 feet away from us. I said to my husband, “I have bread in my pocket should I try to see if he’ll come?”

I called to it and threw out the bread. In a moment he was in the air looking over the situation. A few calls later and soon we had three. Then four showed up but none had come down to take bread yet. I was thrilled! Imagine, in my own backyard (nearly!) I can enjoy the gulls as I do up north! Soon there were about 20 gulls or more dipping a swooping to eat the bread from the water. They all swirled and looped around us as they dipped to grab a bite and then lifted to go up and call to more gulls to come.

It’s neat how what we love comes to us if we’re patient enough. We need not go anywhere to experience it, it’s all right here, if we just open our eyes and hearts.